School of Law hosts inaugural conference of the Legal Educational Games: Evaluation, Network, Dissemination (LEGEND) network

The conference brought together researchers, educators, game developers and practitioners from the legal and educational sectors to explore the potential of educational games in the field of law.

On 5 September 2023, the Centre for Innovation and Research in Legal Education (CIRLE) hosted the inaugural conference of Legal Educational Games: Evaluation, Network, Dissemination (LEGEND) network. The conference was organised by Dr Steven Montagu-Cairns and sought to examine the effectiveness and impact of legal educational games. It also provided a platform for colleagues to collaborate and share new techniques.  

I was amazed by the enthusiasm and novelty that permeated the entirety of the conference and reflected an understanding that legal scholarship must innovate to be relevant in the twenty first century. Whilst the conference focused on game-based learning, this theme was apparent throughout the day. Following on from such an amazing conference. I am certain LEGEND will only go from strength to strength!

The full-day event opened with Dr David Yuratech of the University of Exeter presenting a card game he co-created that improves common law reasoning skills. Throughout the day, there were explorations of other card games, a scavenger hunt, and a workshop where participants constructed law advice from Lego® blocks. Dr Laura Higson Bliss of Keele University presented an analysis of her experience using legal education games with students. Dr Dimitra Magkafa and Dr Charlotte Mills of the University of Sheffield along with Bernadette McDonald of Liverpool John Moores University gave critiques of game-based learning, which provided space for debate.