Developing Curriculum Pathways in Mathematics - phase two

In conjunction with the awarding board AQA, the team at Leeds has been successful in bidding for work on all five projects developing curriculum and assessment materials for school mathematics at 14-19. This work follows on from Phase I (completed in summer 2006) which Leeds was also heavily involved in.

The team at Leeds is now working on the following main areas:

  • Functional mathematics - development of tests of competence and functionality, and related classroom materials;
  • GCSE - new specification of the second GCSE in mathematics that implies more problem-solving material, and the development of this material;
  • GCE A-level - small scale changes to the current set-up involving stronger emphasis on questions requiring greater mathematical rigour/proof than is currently the case;
  • FSMQ-type modules to support the new diplomas, to provide an alternative route to GCSE grade C, and to support students doing A-levels that contain a numerical element