Change and Continuity in Science Teachers' Work

This project, which ran from 1996 to 1998, was funded by the ESRC. Its focus was the influences, intellectual, material and institutional, on teachers' practice. It placed particular emphasis on a comparison between history and science in the school curriculum, and also studied the impact on science teachers' work of the National Curriculum. It resulted in two publications: Science under the National Curriculum. Centre for Policy Studies in Education: 1999, and The expertise and deployment of science teachers at Key Stage 4. Centre for Studies in Science and Mathematics Education: 1999.

This project, together with two others - Practical assessment in secondary science1 and Realising Policy in Sc1 (1993-5)2 - have been brought together with other work into a book entitled: Science Education. Policy, professionalism and change, published in 2001 by Paul Chapman Publishing. ISBN 0-7619-6444-4.