Bradford mapping research: service provision for vulnerable groups in contact with the police

This study will map the services used by vulnerable groups who are in contact with the police in Bradford. It aims to better understand the connections between the agencies providing the services and how they meet the needs of vulnerable people across the city.

The research will involve working with senior and front-line practitioners from the police, health and social care agencies, voluntary groups and the private sector and will explore the experiences of people who use the services.

The research complements two other studies the Centre is carrying out that also focus on Bradford. The other Bradford studies include:

  1. Analysis from the Connected Bradford datasets that build upon the work of the Born in Bradford study.
  2. A Q Methods Study of Vulnerability that will explore different perceptions of how vulnerability informs the work of police and partner services.

The Bradford Mapping study will also support existing work in Bradford. This will help provide partner organisations across the city with an in-depth understanding of how, when and why services interact. It will also highlight opportunities to enhance collaboration and improve service provision that meets the needs of vulnerable people.

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