Environmental Liabilities and Insolvent Polluters in China

Xingwei Li will deliver a talk on "Environmental Liabilities and Insolvent Polluters in China".


Xingwei Li is a PhD student at the School of Law, University of Leeds. His doctoral thesis focuses on environmental liabilities and insolvency. Xingwei holds an LLB from Changchun University of Science and Technology and an LLM from the University of Sheffield. 


As the largest developing and emerging country, China lacks the relevant experience to deal with the environmental liabilities of insolvent polluters. China’s current Bankruptcy Law was issued more than 10 years, but some problems have been exposed in bankruptcy proceedings in the past decade. Environmental liabilities are one of them. The environmental liability of many polluters was ignored in insolvency proceeding, which violates the polluter pays principle in China. This project aims to analyse how Chinese law should mitigate the prospect of environmental liabilities being ‘externalized’ to society upon the insolvency (or financial deterioration) of the polluter. Therefore, this project will use the doctrinal legal research and case study to analyse the conflict between environmental law and bankruptcy law in China. To analyse and reflect on the current state of environmental liabilities in China’s bankruptcy law, and examine how China solves the externalization of environmental responsibility in insolvency.

This seminar will be moderated by Dr Joanne Hawkins, University of Leeds.

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