Mr Hugo Radice

Mr Hugo Radice


I graduated in Economics and Politics from the University of Cambridge in 1968; took at MA in Economics at Warwick University in 1969; and spent two years as a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge in 1969-71. From 1971 to 1978 I held research and teaching appointments at the University of Warwick (1971-72), Brighton Polytechnic (1972-74), and the Universities of Sussex (1974-76) and Stirling (1976-78). 

In 1978 I was appointed as Lecturer in Industrial Economics in the School of Economic Studies at Leeds, which eventually became Leeds University Business School. My areas of research and teaching led me to participate in the Centre of Development Studies in the 1980s, and later the Centre for European Studies and the Institute of International Studies. I also held visiting posts at American University, Washington (1985-6), Cornell University (1988-90) and SUNY-Cortland (1989-90).

In the 1990s my teaching and research moved to the emerging fields of international and comparative political economy, and in 1999 I was appointed as Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy in the newly-established School of Political and International Studies (POLIS). I was Head of POLIS from 2004 to 2007, and retired from my full-time university post in August 2008. I am currently a Life Fellow of the University of Leeds, and a Visiting Research Fellow in POLIS.

Research interests

From 1969 on, my main research areas were the ownership, control and finance of large firms; transnational corporations; industrial policy; the economics of Eastern Europe, especially Hungary; Marxist theory; and the changing nature of global capitalism. Since the 1980s, participation in interdisciplinary fields, including management studies, Soviet studies, development studies, European studies and development studies, meant that my research increasingly drew on the disciplines of sociology, political science, international relations and geography, as well as economics and political economy.

Since 2008 my research and writing has centred on the global financial crisis and its economic, social and political consequences; long-term trends in UK, European and global capitalism; the sociology of class; and the theory and practice of socialism. I have also published recently on the management and purpose of universities, and on UK macroeconomic policy. 

 I have been active in the Conference of Socialist Economists (CSE) since its foundation in 1970, and more recently in the International Political Economy Group of the British International Studies Association (BISA-IPEG). I am also active in the Independent Working Class Education network (IWCE). I contribute to a number of websites, including Red PepperSocialist Project, Social Europe Journal and Independent Labour Publications. 

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  • BA in Economics and Politics, University of Cambridge
  • MA in Economics, University of Warwick