Dr Geoff Goodwin

Dr Geoff Goodwin


Before joining POLIS in January 2022, I taught at the London School of Economics, University of Oxford, and University College London, and I have also been a Research Associate at FLACSO, Quito.

I draw on various academic disciplines to study political economy, including politics, economics, anthropology, geography, history and sociology, and I use a range of qualitative methods, especially interviews, observation, and archives.

I am Associate Editor of Oxford Development Studies and a founding member of Radical Americas. 

Research interests

My research centres on the political economy of land and water. I have studied these issues empirically in Ecuador and, more recently, Colombia, and I have a broader interest in the political economy of Latin America. My current research explores how people mobilise collectively around water in Ecuador and Colombia, focusing on the communal management of irrigation and drinking water in the Andes. This project builds on my doctoral research which investigated land reform, land markets, and indigenous mobilisation in Highland Ecuador in the late twentieth century. 

I am also interested in the political economy of land and water in Europe, and I am currently conducting exploratory research on water history and politics in London. Longer-term, I plan to build this into a comparative project with Latin American cities. 

Infrastructure has emerged as a key theme in my research and I am currently co-editing a book – The Social and Political Life of Latin American Infrastructures – which examines a wide range of infrastructures from diverse disciplinary and methodological perspectives. The book is scheduled to be published by the University of London Press later this year.

I have contributed to debates about capitalism through my research and my critical engagement with the work of Karl Polanyi. I am interested in developing his ideas and connecting them to the work of other critical thinkers from the Global North and Global South. My latest article in this vein – ‘Double Movements and Disembedded Economies: A Response to Richard Sandbrook’ – has recently been published in Development and Change

I am a Research Associate at the Department of International Development, University of Oxford.

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Student education

I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary teaching and learning and critical pedagogy. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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