Mohamed Abdi Mohamood

Mohamed Abdi Mohamood


Prior to joining Leeds, I completed a BA in International Relations and an MA in African Studies at the University of Birmingham. During my undergraduate and graduate level, I developed a keen interest in international intervention and promotions of liberal peace building in post-conflict countries such as Somalia. In particular, my MA dissertation examined how the push for a top-down approach of peace building by the International community and inclusion of clan elders, slowed down the process of building the state of Somalia.

Research interests

With my doctoral research being an extension of my MA research, the critical point of focus would be on the gendered implications of different peace building models. Particularly the top-down and bottom-up peace building approaches in Somalia. This research will revolve around the need to include local people in the peace processes.Considering how complex post-conflict national peacebuilding can be this study seeks to understand how hybrid peace building model in Somalia functions. Furthermore, in line with my research interests, I have successfully published articles on Somalia's  elections, democracy, and women's role in politics . These articles have been published in journal articles such as Democracy in Africa and Vanguard Africa.

Research interests:

  • Peace building
  • Local and Hybrid peace building approaches
  • Gender and conflict studies
  • Democracy
  • Customary institutions in Africa

Published articles

Mohamood, M., 2020. Women Hold The Key to Somalia’s Democratic Future — Vanguard Africa. [online] Vanguard Africa. Available at: <> 

Mohamood, M., 2020. Should Somalia hold elections during Covid-19? | Democracy in Africa. [online] Democracy in Africa | A Resource for the Study of Democracy in Africa. Available at: <


  • MA African Studies (University of Birmingham
  • BA International Relations (University of Birmingham)