Carlos Olmedo

Research interests

My research interests include hybrid political orders, state-building theory and state-society relations in weakly institutionalised polities more broadly speaking. Overall, my PhD thesis is concerned with exploring the bargaining aspects of post-conflict stabilisation efforts. It examines how overlapping visions of political order namely, those informed by the Weberian ideal of modern statehood and more localised perspectives on power and authority engage in the negotiation(s) over how the political, economic, and social realms should be (re)structured to ensure long-term stability after periods of political violence. I am specifically interested in the political agency of local ordering forces —by which I mean social actors, state-like institutions, norms, beliefs and values at the local level— in the post-conflict stage, and whether, if at all, they might shape post-war interventions. To be sure, I look at the degree to which local power brokers, alternative power structures and social attitudes deeply ingrained in the fabric of everyday life in conflict-ridden societies condition externally sponsored attempts to reconfigure political order in countries undergoing war-to-peace transitions. I use empirical insights from the case of post-war Guatemala to help illustrate my conceptual framework and build my argument.


  • MA in International Relations (University of Leeds)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law (National University of Asuncion, Paraguay)