Professor Duncan McCargo talks about the upcoming Thai election in The Guardian

Professor Duncan McCargo has been quoted in The Guardian in the lead up to Thailand's first vote for eight years.

The piece in The Guardian speaks about the Thai people's chance to exercise their democratic right for the first time in eight years, with the vote due to take place on 24 February 2019. The article highlights the skepticism surrounding the vote which has already been pushed back on numerous occasions by the military junta. 

Professor McCargo commented "This time round the presence of an explicitly pro-military party, which we did not see in the last election, the long gap since the last competitive election, the continued restrictions on political activity and campaigning, and all kinds of built-in advantages to the junta all come together to make this election much harder to predict, and much less openly competitive than the last election.”

You can find out more about the upcoming election the the full article here.