Professor Leston-Bandeira’s expertise on public engagement sought out

Professor Leston-Bandeira’s expertise on public and digital engagement between parliament and people has been sought out by a number of different institutions recently.

Early in October she gave a keynote speech at the Italian Chamber of Deputies on Digital and Parliament, to an international gathering on the occasion of the launch of the European masters programme EUPADRA.

She then gave evidence to the Kirklees Democracy Commission, based on her research and expertise on the challenges for political institutions to engage with the public. Professor Leston-Bandeira summarised her evidence in three key points: digital doesn’t fix processes, people engage through issues and institutions need to go where the people are. Her evidence was highly complimented and can still be watched online – you can also watch a short summary in this podcast.

Earlier in the year she had already given evidence to the Digital Parliament Commission in the Portuguese Parliament and later this month she will be giving evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Commission on Parliamentary Reform. Professor Leston-Bandeira is currently also undertaking a fellowship with the Petitions Committee in the House of Commons.

Professor Leston-Bandeira was a Commissioner in the Digital Democracy Commission set up by the Speaker of the House of Commons in 2014 and her research focuses on public and digital engagement between parliament and citizens.