Dr Adam Tyson responds to confirmation that flight MH370 is lost

Dr Adam Tyson responds to the recent news that flight MH370 is deemed lost with specific reference to Malaysian politics.

The article entitled "Flight MH370 confirmed lost: experts respond", addresses the recent confirmation that the plane "crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean, with no survivors".

This new data has emerged from the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch and the company Inmarsat. The article contains views from leading experts, of which Dr Tyson is included.

With reference to 'Malaysia's response', Dr Tyson begins; "The Malaysian authorities responsible for handling the MH370 crisis were unprepared for the level of international scrutiny that began on 8 March. The mishandled case can be explained in part by the prevailing political system in Malaysia".

He continues on to say; "Senior officials tend to operate in a highly controlled hierarchical environment. Malaysian officials of rank do not deal well with criticism, and often accuse domestic activists and critics of conspiratorial motives – an effective diversionary tactic in most cases."

The full article is available to view online.