Dr Christine Harlen discusses what we can expect from the potential President Trump

Dr Christine Harlen has recently featured on BBC Radio Leeds to discuss the upcoming US election and the increasing popularity of Donald Trump.

Dr Harlen talks about the very polarised views of Donald Trump; someone with no political background, but now seen to be gaining popularity.

She discusses a point made in a recent speech by Mr Trump, that crime and violence will be seen to decrease if he takes the post of president due to his proposed cuts on immigration. She highlights that whilst Donald’s message doesn’t resonate with everyone, it does appeal to those who perhaps haven’t prospered in the United States as they feel their interests will be supported by Mr Trump.

Dr Harlen continues to speak about the state of politics across the globe, how various established political parties seem to be going through a crisis. She argues that this is in part due to various economic factors, such as the increase in the global labour supply which has put pressure on manufacturing jobs. She highlights how Trump has touched upon such issues which affect various states in the US in a bid for their support.

To listen to the full interview click here.