Dr Viktoria Spaiser and Dr Cristina Leston Bandeira contribute to House of Lords climate change report

Dr Viktoria Spaiser and Dr Cristina Leston Bandeira have contributed to a report published by the House of Lords, Environment and Climate Change Committee.

The report, ‘In our hands: behaviour change for climate and environmental goals’ urges ‘ministers to lead a public campaign and use regulations and taxation to guide public behaviour change in order to stop the decline of nature and reach legally binding net zero targets’, writes Sandra Laville for The Guardian.

Dr Spaiser and Dr Leston Bandeira, who submitted written evidence for the committee’s inquiry, had their evidence cited twelve times in this report. Their recommendations are also to be found within the report.

Following the article publication about the report in The Guardian, Dr Spaiser and Dr Leston Bandeira have been approached by and are now in contact with Hull City Council and the Irish Department of Transport’s Climate Engagement Division.

POLIS commends Dr Spaiser and Dr Leston Bandeira’s important and impactful contributions to the committee’s report at this urgent time of climate crisis.

Read the full report on the Parliament website.

 Picture via Unsplash/Ugur Akdemir