Tackling the Global Climate Crisis: Global Governance Dilemmas, Forest Protection and Indigenous People

Dr Markus Fraundorfer talks climate crisis on a new episode of the Ilkley Literature Festival's Settee Seminars podcast series.

The global climate crisis is becoming ever more pressing. At the same time, international political actors are seriously struggling to deal with this crisis. What are the obstacles to effective global and planetary problem-solving? And which responses have global governance actors come up with to confront these challenges? In this podcast episode, Dr Fraundorfer, Lecturer in Global Governance, looks at the example of deforestation and forest protection to find answers to these questions.

The Ilkley Literature Festival is the longest-running literature festival in northern England and celebrates all things reading and writing. Its Settee Seminars podcast series, now in Season 3, features short talks by leading experts, introducing listeners to a wide range of topics, including U.S. history, psychiatry, technology and 18th century and Postcolonial literature. 

Listen to Dr Fraundorfer’s episode (Season 3 Episode 3) and view the further reading list.