Dr Timothy Heppell has article published in Parliamentary Affairs

Parliamentary Affairs is a peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of representation and politics connected to the institution of parliament.

The article was co-authored by Dr Heppell, Associate Professor of British Politics, Dr Jeffery and Dr Roe-Crines, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in British Politics at the University of Liverpool, respectively.

The paper, entitled "The Conservative Party Leadership Election of 2019: An Analysis of the Voting Motivations of Conservative Parliamentarians", provides an empirical analysis of the voting behaviour of Conservative parliamentarians in the final parliamentary ballot of the Conservative Party leadership election of 2019.

The findings of the paper “demonstrate that support for Johnson and Hunt was structured around age and voting behaviour in the European Union (EU) membership referendum, with support for Gove drawn from those who voted for May’s Withdrawal Agreement in the first meaningful vote”.