Gender, peace and security

Hosting the women’s network on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), peace and security

This Network was established through the British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award Dr Cristina Stefan established the “Women Network on the Responsibility to Protect, Peace and Security” which has successfully highlighted the excellent work and impact of established academics and researchers, experienced diplomats, United Nations and European Union officials, seasoned policy-makers and practitioners, civil society and charity directors – all women – in the international peace, security and the R2P.

In bringing together a uniquely diverse group of researchers, policy-makers, diplomats and practitioners to change policy and practice on the relationship between atrocity prevention, R2P and gender, this produced engagement with significance in scope.

This research has influenced practitioner thinking and policy on R2P through a series of training sessions with policy makers, the military, and other key stakeholders, and contributed to new thinking about the role of R2P in the prevention of mass atrocities.

It also brought together these experts with women Early Career Researchers, so that the latter find inspiration in the former’s research and work and learn about ways to generate impact in order to make their research relevant to the real world, and to decision-makers facing hard choices in implementing the atrocity prevention, protection, R2P, and WPS inter-related agendas.

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