Melody Liu

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What did you think of your course?

It was an enriching programme with the opportunity to learn about various topics, from course context to classmates and academic staff. Firstly, reading lists of individual curriculum would help you to learn overall background of individual topics. Secondly, seminar design would push you to study details of individual topics. Then academics would also guide you to explore issues by questioning you a lot. Finally, thesis writing would push you to do a detailed case study.

Tell us about your current job role

I am currently a Media Analyst. My main work is divided into three parts: (1) Diagnose media data, provide enterprise-level reports with detailed analysis of overall brand performance, peak and competitors. (2) Before the start of the project, work closely with CS department to determine customer needs, provide report templates. (3) Reporting to customers, answering queries related to the content of the report, and timely revision of their comments.

Please tell us about your development since graduating from the University. How has your time at Leeds has helped you in your career?

I came back to East China University of Political Science and Law to accomplish my master dissertation after graduating from the University of Leeds. At the same time, I interned at an asset management company, as I lacked work experience which was rather important for job applications. In fact, Leeds' branding helped me the most, which got me through the online application process. As my target position was a consultant or analyst, good academic background was their first requirement.

How did you find the process of adjusting to life in Leeds? (UK education system, the English language, culture shock)

Be positive and active to try something new. As Leeds was rather different from China, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things and meet new people. Importantly, people in Leeds were very friendly. Thus when you meet any problems and ask for their help, all of them would try their best to help you.

What would your advice for anyone considering to come and study at Leeds?

Firstly, enjoy the wonderful learning environment, including diverse libraries and seminar zones in school. Secondly, try to adopt good time management, as every essay needs a lot of time to do literature reading and case analysis. Thirdly, connect with more your classmates and professors, as you may find some useful information when you are talking. Last but not least, take the chance to travel when you are available, which could help you to enrich your life.