School of Law academics attend conference for the Chinese Law Project in Wuhan, China

Professor Gerard McCormack, Principal Investigator of the ESRC-sponsored Chinese Law Project, attended a conference for the project in Wuhan, China on 15 December 2018.

The conference was titled "Reconsideration of Law, Finance and Economic Growth". Professor McCormack was joined by School of Law colleagues Professor Jingchen Zhao, Dr Zinian Zhang, and Dr Chuyi Wei.

Professor McCormack introduced the discussion on the establishment, purpose and content of international insolvency law standards and focused on the applicability of such standards in the context of China. Professor Jingchen Zhao and Dr Chuyi Wei discussed their empirical research on the derivative action in China. Dr Zinian Zhang discussed alternative procedures to the formal bankruptcy law in China.

The School of Law team was warmly welcomed by Mr Zuoyong Hou, the Head of the Institute of Science and Technology Development at Wuhan University and Professor Qingyuan Li, Vice Dean of the Economics and Management School at Wuhan University.

Representatives in attendance from the University of Wuhan included Professor Xian Huang, Professor Min Pan and Professor Yan Liu, who respectively gave speeches on the effects of legal origin on financial development, the effects of Chinese Labor Contract Law on the level of corporate leverage and the ownership networks of Chinese banks.

Professor Xiaoyan Song, Head of the Law School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics also attended the conference and spoke about the role of legal origin and political, cultural factors in financial development.

The Chinese Law Project is a joint undertaking between the School of Law at the University of Leeds, and the Economics and Management School at Wuhan University. It has expanded the international network of the School of Law at the University of Leeds, improved the profile of Centre for Business Law and Practice (CBLP) and is likely to have a positive impact on policy-making.

Teams from both Universities have already delivered a number of innovative and interdisciplinary works, including more than ten academic papers and eight research reports.

The next conference to disseminate the project deliveries will take place in London in July 2019.