Centre discussion now online

The Centre for Business Law and Practice panel discussion "Directors' Duties and Shareholder Litigation in the Wake of the Financial Crisis" is now online.

Held on 20 September 2010, the discussion considered the themes of shareholder litigation, directors and stakeholder interests, and directors' duties, including s.172 Companies Act 2006.

There were ten speakers.

  • Mr Justice David Richards, Vice Chancellor of the County Palatine
  • Professor Jonathan Macey, School of Law, Yale University, USA
  • Mr Robin Hollington QC
  • Professor John Armour (Oxford)
  • Andrew Campbell (Ashridge Strategic Management)
  • Professor Janet Dine (Queen Mary)
  • Mr Louis Doyle (Kings Chambers)
  • Dr Michael Galanis (Leeds)
  • Professor Andrew Keay (Leeds)
  • Professor Roman Tomasic (Durham)

Panel discussion

Click here to listen to the Panel Discussion held at the Centre for Business Law and Practice on 20 September 2010.