Dr Subhajit Basu appointed Managing Editor of the International Review of Law, Computers and Technology

Dr Subhajit Basu has been appointed as the new Managing Editor of the International Review of Law, Computers and Technology.

International Review of Law, Computers and Technology is devoted to the academic study of the challenges brought about by the development, use and ubiquity of information technologies. It recognises the opportunities created by these technologies but strives to examine and explore the ownership and control of such technologies, as well as considering the nature and form of the legal regulatory framework required to effectively manage them.

The journal began life in 1984 as the Yearbook of Law, Computers and Technology. Prof. Christopher Arnold, the journal's first editor, was well placed to fill the gap in the available literature concerning law and the developing technologies who was succeeded by Dr. Ken Russell, editor from 1990 until 2018, whose research on technologies within the criminal justice system enabled the journal to embrace a wider field of technology than just information technologies. The journal's first edition reflected what were considered to be the recognised subject areas (in the late 80s) of the interaction of law and technology. Information Technology Law, Legal Information Retrieval, Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, Technology in Legal Practice and Legal Expert Systems.

The announcement of Dr Subhajit's role from Taylor and Francis Online can be found here.