LLB student invited to speak at Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee meeting

Last month LLB Graduate Programme student Enyeribe Oguh was invited to the House of Commons to speak to the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee about constitutional reform.

The meeting was called by Mr Graham Allen MP, Chair of the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee, to discuss flaws in the current constitutional arrangement and assess how some of these problems might be addressed in a codified and entrenched constitution. Enyeribe was one of six students chosen from across the UK to attend the meeting, who had all taken up the challenge to write a possible Preamble to a future UK written Constitution.

Talking about his experience, Enyeribe said that the discussions gave him a chance to “test out some of my 'theories' and to get some feedback from 'Parliament' so to speak”.

Enyeribe was also invited to join the Parliamentary Liaison Meeting of all of the Heads of the Committees with the Prime Minister David Cameron for a discussion on a range of domestic and foreign policy issues, including the UK Constitutional future:

“It was another very useful session as well as my first time to meet Mr Cameron in person. At the end of the meeting we each received a copy of the recently published House of Commons' document 'A new Magna Carta?' from Mr Graham, as well as a photo-op! It was a truly wonderful and edifying experience for me and I am deeply grateful to Professor Cram for making me aware of this opportunity.”