Professor David Wall comments on proposed Bill set to change internet standards

David Wall, Professor of Criminology at the School of Law, has been quoted in an article for Inverse this week that discusses the undecided Digital Economy Bill.

The bill is a planned piece of legislation that will introduce a number of changes for internet users in the UK.

Among the many points outlined in the bill, the proposed introduction of a maximum prison sentence of 10 years for people who share copyrighted files in certain circumstances, is one of the most contentious up for debate. In the article, Professor Wall clarifies that the bill “specifically focuses upon commercial uploaders who clearly intend to make money out of the infringement.” He also goes on to advise that “because of this additional mens rea (financial gain by the uploader and a clear monetary loss to the copyright owner) it will not focus upon the downloaders per se.”

You can find out more and read the full article here.