Dr Subhajit Basu delivers keynote lecture at the “IX SIMSIC-Simposio de Seguranca Informatica e Cibercrime”

Dr Basu spoke about “post-truth” politics at the symposium.

He argued that “disinformation” or strategic deceit is by no means a new tactical phenomenon. In fact, we are surrounded by information that has been manipulated to attract attention. Then, through publicity, the information generates and communicates a message designed to subvert a person’s autonomous decision-making and pervert their choices.

Dr Basu commented: "If there is anything we have learned in the last year, it is that our cybersecurity defences are completely inadequate to cope with a disinformation campaign.

“Our policies have been focused on protecting computer systems and their data, not on protecting people's minds from the rampant misinformation planted on the networks relied upon by countless users.

One thing is certain; disinformation presents a multifaceted problem which, having no single cause, has no single solution.

The lecture is based on Dr Basu’s research on the regulation of the internet in post-truth world politics.