Professor Peter Whelan presents research in Istanbul

On 28 March 2018, Professor Peter Whelan delivered a guest lecture at the Law School of Istanbul Bilgi University, examining the enforcement of competition law.

The lecture focused on the limitations of administrative competition law enforcement and the potential for a ‘deterrence gap’ when competition law enforcement does not include personal sanctions. The potential for criminal cartel sanctions (imprisonment) to fill the identified deterrence gap was critically assessed, as was the recent experience of the UK authorities in this context.

The competition law programme offered by Istanbul Bilgi University has been running for over a decade and consists of a series of guest lectures delivered by 15 experts in the field.

Professor Whelan is the only non-Turkish academic who has been invited to contribute to this programme in 2018. The programme is coordinated by Dr Kerem Cem Sanli.

Find out more about the competition law programme at Bilgi University (in Turkish).