Dr Konstantinos Stylianou contributes to Channel 4’s analysis on net neutrality

Net neutrality is again in the news after the Federal Communications Commission in the US announced that it will scrap the previous regulations that safeguarded the principle.

In Europe net neutrality is enshrined in the Open Internet Regulation 2015/2012, but the debate on the necessity and proper scope of the relevant rules is still ongoing.

Dr Konstantinos Stylianou has researched and published on net neutrality, and was quoted in Channel 4’s story arguing that the current rules are disproportionately strict compared to the problems and causes that net neutrality rules seek to address.

Instead, a more flexible approach that combines elements of ex ante regulation and antitrust may be more appropriate in this case. Konstantinos has recently elaborated on his views in two op-eds in the LSE Medial Policy blog and in The Conversation.