Professor Anna Lawson co-authors report on disability rights after the EU

In an article published by The Independent Professor Lawson, chair of the Centre for Disability Studies and the School of Law Disability Hub, discusses concerns relating to social care post-Brexit.

People with disabilities in the UK could “slide back” into nursing homes if Brexit restricts the numbers of care staff coming from the EU, according to a new report co-authored by Professor Lawson.

The article highlights areas of the report that warn how that changes to immigration laws are likely to impact personal assistance, warning that the loss of carers from EU countries could see disabled people unable to live at home or living at home without adequate support.

It states that while the discussion on immigration has so far picked up on highly skilled people and around farm work, there has been little discussion on the people who keep services running like the health and social care services.

Professor Lawson warned that on leaving the EU it was crucial for the UK to keep up with developments in EU law regarding protection for disabled people, warning that if action isn’t taken to do so the UK could see a regression in rights for disabled people.

You can read the full article here