School of Law Alumni Share Insights and Connections in Criminal and Social Justice Networking Event

The School of Law hosted a successful networking event, connecting students with alumni in various criminal and social justice roles, offering valuable insights and guidance for future career paths.

On Thursday 14 March, School of Law students and alumni gathered at the Liberty Building for a unique networking event aimed at forging connections in the fields of criminal and social justice. 

The event provided a relaxed environment with nibbles and drinks for students to interact with alumni who now work in diverse positions within the criminal and social justice sector. From detectives to probation officers, the alumni represented a spectrum of career pathways that attendees could explore. 

Among the alumni present were Lauren Jones, a Detective Constable at West Yorkshire Police, and Megan Sharpe, a Probation Officer at Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service. Also in attendance were Rhianne Otter, a Prison Officer at Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS), and Josh Smith, Head of Intelligence Operations at GSA, bringing a wealth of insights from their respective fields. Adding to the diversity of experiences was Phoebe Thomas, whose role as a Communications and Content Officer at the Cardinal Hume Centre provided valuable perspectives on supporting young homeless people and refugees in the criminal and social justice context. 

Reflecting on the evening, student Jacob Head expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to connect with professionals, saying,   

I found the networking session to be a very good experience. It was great to chat with professionals who had previously completed the same degree course that I am doing, and to learn how they progressed from where I am now into their varied and interesting roles. The attendees were very open about the challenges they faced, and the realities of working in often high-demand, high-responsibility jobs, as well as the benefits and rewards of these roles. They were also very willing to, where appropriate, direct us to further information and provide contact details of others who could help. Overall, it was a very useful and enjoyable evening.