Exploring career pathways in Leeds and Yorkshire: School of Law alumni engage with students in networking event

Students at the School of Law had the opportunity to engage with alumni at the 'Alumni Networking: Legal Careers in Leeds and Yorkshire' event held at the Liberty Building on 15 February.

Students at the School of Law recently had the opportunity to engage with alumni who are currently working in Leeds and Yorkshire, generally for smaller regional firms. With a diverse lineup of alumni representing various legal specializations and firms across the region, the event provided an invaluable opportunity for students to gain insights into different career pathways within the legal profession.

The alumni line up included: Jolena Bullivant-Clark (LLB Law, 2016), a Solicitor focusing on healthcare advisory at Hempsons; Kate Imeson (LLB Law, 2017), an Associate specializing in commercial law at Clarion Solicitors; Priscilla Kolawole (LLB Law, 2019), a Trainee Solicitor at DAC Beachcroft; Nando Mecaj (LLB Law, 2022), a Legal Assistant and Future Trainee Solicitor at Freeths; Connor Mennell (LLB Law, 2017), a Solicitor practicing construction law at Gordons LLP; Liam Murphy (LLB Law and LLM International Banking and Finance Law, 2017 and 2018), a Trainee Solicitor at Schofield Sweeney; Samantha Patel (LLB Law, 2015), a Solicitor specializing in family law at Weightmans; Katie Peatfield (2-year LLB Law, 2020), a Solicitor focusing on commercial law at Travlaw; and Tilly Twite (LLB Law, 2019), a Senior Paralegal and Trainee Solicitor specializing in criminal law at Cohen Cramer Solicitors.

Networking opportunities

Reflecting on the event, Nadia Aboushokka, second-year Law student and General Secretary of the University of Leeds Law Society, said, "I truly enjoyed the alumni networking event, it was lovely to speak to such a wide range of alumni who had all taken different pathways into their career."

The event offered a relaxed atmosphere, with attendees particularly enjoying the opportunity to have drinks and nibbles with the alumni and engage in informal discussions. This aspect of the event allowed students to get to know the alumni on a more personal level and seek advice in the areas of law they specialise in.

The event was an enlightening experience which made me realize not only the diversity of my degree, but the importance of understanding that there are multiple pathways into a legal career, something which is often not apparent through firm-specific events. My favourite part overall was the pleasure of having dinner with the alumni and getting to know them better and asking questions in a more relaxed environment. The event overall was extremely well organized, showcasing the professionalism of the team.

Nadia Aboushokka

The School of Law looks forward to welcoming more students to similar events this semester, including an alumni talk with David Bearman, Founding of Firefly Capital; a conversation with alumna Sue McLean, a Partner in Baker McKenzie's Technology team in London; and an alumni networking event focused on the criminal justice sector.

For any questions about the upcoming events or further information please email l.i.sandovalarteaga@leeds.ac.uk.