Dr Carrie Bradshaw submits written evidence to Public Accounts Committee inquiry

The Public Accounts Committee examines the value for money of Government projects, programmes and service delivery.

The School of Law’s Dr Carrie Bradshaw has provided written evidence to the Public Accounts Committee inquiry 'The Government’s resources and waste reforms for England'. The evidence expressed concern that the recent government ‘U-turn’ on mandatory food waste reporting undermines the effectiveness of the already limited ‘voluntary approach’ to food waste prevention in England.  

Click here to read Dr Bradshaw’s evidence in full.  

Dr Bradshaw was also recently quoted in the article ‘In-depth Q&A: What food waste means for climate change’, published in Carbon Brief (a UK-based website covering the latest developments in climate science, climate policy and energy policy). 

Arguably, in seeking to tackle food waste, we should be aiming not at absolute reductions… but reducing the broader climate and other environmental impacts of food waste.  


Click here to read the article in full.