School of Law students praise 2023 International Summer School Programmes

Every academic year, the University of Leeds School of Law distributes generous £2000-£3000 scholarships to students participating in international summer school programmes.

In summer 2023, a dozen students from the School of Law attended summer schools at top universities in Roma, Berlin, Nantes, Utrecht, Heidelberg, Geneva, Lyon, and Hong Kong. 

A summer school (…) is a great opportunity to widen your horizons by not only meeting people from many different cultures, but to also learn about a topic that you may not otherwise cover in your degree. 

School of Law student

Summers schools are designed to focus on a variety of topics from language and culture courses to specific areas of law or business school courses. This summer, students attended courses including German Language and Culture, Digital Platforms, Introduction to International Economic Law, Team Leadership, Negotiations Management, Big Tech Companies: a New Power in EU Competition Law, and Digital Law. 

Students who attended summer schools were overwhelmingly positive about their experiences, sharing the following insights:

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I thought the course struck a perfect balance between teaching and assignments and free time to explore Berlin and engage in the extracurricular cultural activities.

I enjoyed meeting students and academics from across the world to hear different global perspectives and broaden my worldview.

Overall, my experience (…) was very enriching. Both modules were very interesting and have equipped me with lifelong skills of how to be a strong team player and manage disagreements and negotiations in a professional way. My experience was culturally enriching too as I made friends and connections with students from all across the globe, from countries such as Germany, Italy, America and Norway.

This course opened my eyes to the complexities of competition law, and as a result, I changed my module selections this year in order to learn more about competition law.

Overall, the summer school program not only enriched my language skills but also provided me with a intercultural perspective and a network of friends from around the world. It was a truly memorable and valuable experience that I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in.

Applications for summer school placements in 2024 will open in December 2023.  

Students will need to apply for the summer school placements and the summer school scholarship provided by the School of Law separately.  

More information on international summer school programmes is available by visiting the University of Leeds website.

Please contact the School of Law’s Study Abroad Coordinator, Dr Virág Blazsek, for further information (