Professor Jen Hendry co-authors new book “Civil Recovery of Criminal Property”

The book is the first empirically informed investigation of civil recovery in the jurisdictions of Ireland, England and Wales.

The School of Law’s Chair in Law and Social Justice Professor Jen Hendry has co-authored a new book with Professor Colin King (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies/Sydney Law School).

The book, titled “Civil Recovery of Criminal Property” was published by Oxford University Press (OUP) on 17 August 2023. It’s the latest addition to the series Oxford Monographs on Criminal Law and Justice. 

This book provides a blended doctrinal, socio-legal and theoretical analysis of civil recovery in terms of its procedural hybridity, its ‘follow the money’ approach, its questionable compliance with the requirements of due process, its property-specific character, and its supposed pragmatism in tackling the problem of serious and organised crime. 

Civil recovery legislation has been on the statue books in Ireland for the past 25 years and in the UK for the past 20, so the time was ripe not only for a detailed and dedicated retrospective but also for a critical deep-dive investigation of this hybrid procedure’s operation in practice. We are delighted to see our book in print and look forward to its official launch later this year.

Professor Jen Hendry

In October 2023 Professor Hendry will take up the post of Head of the Graduate School for the Faculty of Social Sciences.