School of Law academics' research cited in EU Commission proposal

The lack of harmonised insolvency regimes has long been identified as one of the key obstacles to the freedom of capital movement in the EU and to greater integration of the EU’s capital markets.”

On 7 December 2022 the European Union (EU) Commission published a proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council which included a measure to harmonise certain corporate insolvency rules across the EU, making them more efficient and helping promote cross-border investment. 

The proposal states “The impact assessment accompanying this proposal draws on data available from desktop research and in particular from the following studies and expertise”. School of Law Lecturer in Commercial, Corporate and Banking Law Dr Oriana Casasola and Professor of International Business Law Gerard McCormack collaborated as key experts in two of the three studies mentioned (below).  

- Spark, Tipik, ‘Study on the issue of abusive forum shopping in insolvency proceedings’, DG JUST, February 2022 (specific contract nr. JUST/2020/JCOO/FW/CIVI/0160). 

- Spark, Tipik, ‘Study on tracing and recovery of debtor’s assets by insolvency practitioners’ DG JUST, March 2022 (specific contract nr. JUST/2020/JCOO/FW/CIVI/0172

As an early career researcher, it is an incredible feeling to see on paper the practical contribution of my research passion.

Dr Oriana Casasola

Read the proposal in full on the European Union website.