Professor Fiona Smith gives evidence to Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

The House of Commons’ Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee held the second public evidence session of its inquiry examining Free Trade Agreement the UK Government has signed with Australia.

On Wednesday 23 February 2022, the School of Law’s Professor in International Economic Law, Professor Fiona Smith, gave expert evidence to the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRA) as part of that Committee's scrutiny of the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement. 

The UK-Australia trade agreement is the first new trade deal negotiated 'from scratch' that the UK government will have signed since leaving the EU. The EFRA Committee is examining the impact this agreement will have on farmers, as well as food and drink producers and retailers, whether the deal aligns with the UK's commitments to high animal welfare and environmental practices, and its implications for future trade deals. 

Professor Smith said “I am honoured to be asked to provide evidence of the legal implications of this new trade deal for UK food and animal welfare standards”. 

Watch the recording of the meeting.