CrimSoc semester one round-up

CrimSoc is a Leeds University Union (LUU) student society which caters to all students working towards Criminology or Criminal Justice related degrees in the School of Law.

CrimSoc also welcomes any students who are passionate and interested in these topics to join the society.

We spoke to Bridget Irish, CrimSoc President, to find out more about the student society, what activities and events they've hosted in semester one and their plans for next semester.

Who is on the committee this year? 

This year we have such a lovely CrimSoc committee with individuals from a range of backgrounds. First, we have our Secretary, Anastacia Jido, who handles all of our Meeting Minutes and other administrative work. Then, we have Rachel Dunnett who is our Treasurer, and she monitors our finances. Next, there is Alina Marinescu who is our Social Secretary – she plans our exciting events and socials. Emily Chokria is our Careers/Volunteering Secretary, and she keeps members informed on any upcoming careers and/or volunteering opportunities. And lastly, there is me – I’m Bridget Irish, this year’s President. 

What events or activities have you hosted during semester one? Have there been any particular highlights for you? 

At the beginning of semester one we hosted an introductory social giving prospective members a chance to meet the committee, and other like-minded individuals to see if this was the right society for them. After that, we’ve hosted things like an Otley Run, a Pub Quiz and a Christmas Dinner.  

As for highlights, I enjoyed the Otley Run because all our members had to dress up, and it was amazing to see everyone’s costumes. I was very pleased at how everyone stuck to the theme, and this fun social allowed a lot of new friendships to be formed. 

Crimsoc winter social

Festive table decorations at the Christmas Dinner

Do you have any events or activities planned for semester two? 

We have a lot of fun things in the works for semester two. For example, we have been working hard to create CrimSoc sweaters, to plan a visit to an escape room, to collab with Uni of York CrimSoc, and to collab with other societies within the Uni of Leeds. Also, we’ve been working closely with the School of Law to create an event tailored to making connections. These are just a few of our many ideas that are being put to fruition.  

What made you want to join CrimSoc? 

I did an undergrad at Queen’s University in Canada and when I completed my degree, I had regrets about not participating enough. So, when coming back to School, I decided to become a member of a bunch of societies in my first year. Having done that, I saw when CrimSoc was posting about elections for the new committee, and I decided to apply because I enjoyed being part of the society and I’m passionate about the academic subject. 

How have you found your role as President so far? 

To be completely honest, I was nervous at first about becoming President and what it would entail. However, now that I am settled in my position, I find it very rewarding. I have made connections with some of the School of Law faculty members, and with some amazing students. Being the President of CrimSoc has been an amazing experience because I get to listen to what students would like from a society, and then I can work hard to ensure lots is being added to their university experiences.  

How can current students get involved in CrimSoc? 

Current students can get involved in CrimSoc by becoming a member of the society on the LUU engage webpage. Also, if current students follow our social media channels, they can stay in the loop on all of our upcoming events and opportunities.

What can students expect as a member of the society? 

I think it is important that students can get and expect a variety of things from CrimSoc. As a member, students have the opportunity to pick and choose which events and socials they feel like attending, which means they can expect whatever they put into it. For example, they can regularly attend our events and through that they are getting involved, making lifelong connections, and developing their interests in Criminal Justice. 

Join the club. Crimsoc. Please follow our social media to stay in the loop on upcoming socials and events.