School of Law student Kingsley Duru wins University of Leeds Sustainability Award

The Annual Sustainability Awards celebrate the sustainable achievements of students and staff at the University of Leeds.

The School of Law is incredibly proud that our 3rd year LLB student Kingsley Duru has won a Sustainability Award for ‘Building a Sustainable Community’ in his role as President of the African and Caribbean Society. This award celebrates individuals, groups or activities that contribute to enhancing the health, wellbeing, equality, diversity and/or inclusion of our community, either within the University or beyond. 

As president of the African and Caribbean Society (ACS), Kingsley has significantly advanced equality, inclusion and diversity values amongst the University community. Kingsley facilitated the celebration of LGBTQ+ month for the first time in the society’s history, offering over 100 members in attendance a place of belonging and winning the ‘Best New Collaboration’ Award from the University Union.  

Kingsley is also our current Law Society President (2020/21). He used his platform to write an open letter addressing the killing of George Floyd and contributed to the discussion surrounding unconscious bias. Throughout Kingsley’s presidency, he has demonstrated commendable community values as, despite the pandemic, he has fostered a socially conscious environment for the society and its members.  

Kingsley told us “I am truly delighted to have won the Building a Sustainable Community Award. I am proud to see my achievements recognised by the University. I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to be the President of the African & Caribbean Society (ACS) and President of the Law Society. During my respective tenures, I have had incredible support from an outstanding team that has provided these successes. 

“I am most proud that during my tenure, the equality and inclusion of our Leeds community were furthered despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. The ACS and Law Society provide a home away from home for a significant number of students, which I am pleased to have contributed to.”