Dr Sarah Brown contributes to Westminster Business Forum Online Conference on consumer credit in the context of COVID-19

Dr Brown spoke at the Westminster Business Forum Online Conference 'Next steps for consumer credit and the retail lending market - regulatory reform, innovation and protecting vulnerable customers'.

Dr Brown gave an introduction and participated in discussion around Consumer Credit in the context of Covid-19 including the protection of vulnerable consumers.

Dr Brown, who is an expert in all aspects of regulation of consumer credit, told us ‘Protection of the vulnerable consumer has never been more important than now, as we start to see the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on household finances. This impact will be felt across consumers and those already struggling with debt are likely to suffer more. The pandemic has at the same time shown the universality of vulnerability but also the disproportionate effect an event such as this can have. Regulation may struggle to adapt, and this highlights the need for a combined approach to consumer credit protection. Regulation is still integral - it is however its approach and combination with other means of support that is key.’