Professor Emeritus Clive Walker cited in Scottish Parliament

Professor Emeritus Clive Walker was appointed as a specialist adviser to the Select Committee which helped draft the Civil Contingencies Act in 2004.

Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice Studies Clive Walker’s work as a specialist adviser to the Select Committee, which helped to draft the Civil Contingencies Act, has been cited by Liam Kerr (Conservative MSP) in a Scottish Parliament debate last week on the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No2) Bill.

Liam Kerr said ‘In 2009, a House of Lords Select Committee, the Constitution Committee, recommended a raft of measures to ensure that emergency powers are exercised appropriately. Clive Walker, who is professor of criminal justice studies at the University of Leeds, gave evidence to the inquiry. He has said that:

“The various parliamentary stages are there for good reason. Members of both houses get to properly debate and discuss the issues, while people outside ... can also lobby and make a contribution. If you have legislation that’s being enacted in a week, then none of this happens. There isn’t time to take evidence.”

Clearly, that is correct.’

Clive Walker has also recently had an article published on which covers the coronavirus legislative responses in the UK