Dr Anna Barker looks at the effect the COVID-19 pandemic might have for the future of our parks

Parks in a Pandemic: A Glimpse into the Future?

Lecturer in Criminal Justice and expert in regulation and policing of public space and public parks Dr Anna Barker, has co-authored a piece with Dr. Andrew Smith (Reader in the School of Architecture + Cities at the University of Westminster) titled 'Parks in a Pandemic: A Glimpse into the Future?' for Discover Society.

Dr Barker's research looks at the future of parks and identifying images of the future. During the current COVID-19 pandemic the media has shined a light on the use of parks and green spaces, and their importance in urban spaces in particular, especially for those with no outside space of their own.

This article looks as the changes the pandemic has brought for parks, discusses how the pandemic could have potential long term ramifications for their future and seeks to identify some of those ramifications.

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