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Woman at Pride march wearing a flag

During LGBT+ History Month, we celebrate how research conducted within the Faculty of Social Sciences is helping advance the rights of LGBTQ+ people worldwide.

Background is a sparkly LGBT flag. On top of this is 'Law's a Drag!' in neon pink lettering.

The School of Law is proud to showcase Dr Rosie Fox and Dr James Greenwood-Reeves’ research network “Law’s A Drag” for LGBT+ History month.

Photo of Professor Basu at a blackboard listening and smiling. Captioned 'Professor Subhajit Basu, Professor of Law and Technology, University of Leeds, UK'. Credit Parul University NAACA++ and SCOPE

On a dissemination trip to India, Prof Subhajit Basu explored the entrenched colonialism in AI governance and made a clarion call for a more democratised approach that reflects global perspectives

An aerial shot of the bay in Singapore, featuring glass buildings, green areas and boats.

Every academic year, the University of Leeds School of Law distributes generous £1000-£3000 scholarships to students participating in international summer school programmes globally.

Copies of Dr Leopoldo Parada's book

Dr Parada is an associate professor in tax law and Co-Director of the Centre for Business Law and Practice.