Leeds Law professor has contributed to Government anti-terrorist legislation

Professor Emeritus Clive Walker has submitted evidence used in the House of Commons/ House of Lords Joint Committee on human rights: 'Legislative Scrutiny: Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill'.

The recent report 'Legislative Scrutiny: Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill' (2017–19 HC 1208 and HL PAPER 167) relies extensively on Professor Walker's contributions. 

Professor Walker has also recently contributed to a paper submitted to Parliament in relation to clause 3 of the counter terrorism and border security bill. This paper follows evidence given to the Bill Scrutiny Committee on 26th June 2018 by Max Hill QC, Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation (recently appointed as Director of Public Prosecutions).

Together with Professor Clive Walker QC (Hon), Senior Special Adviser to the Independent Reviewer, the premise of this paper is to ask the question, if a new variant of the offence about possession of terrorism information in the Terrorism Act 2000, section 58, is needed at all, what might that look like?