Professor Subedi invited to a Lecture Tour of China

Professor and Barrister Surya P. Subedi, O.B.E., Professor of International Law at the School of Law, is about to embark on a lecture tour of China.

He has been invited to deliver a series of lectures in several international law topics at three Chinese universities - Beijing Normal University School of Law, Tsinghua University School of Law, and International Law Institute of China Foreign Affairs University. While he will deliver lectures in international human rights law topics at Beijing Normal University, he will deliver his lecture on the need for a global comprehensive treaty on the regulation of foreign investment at China Foreign Affairs University. At Tsinghua University, he will deliver a lecture on a World Trade Organisation law topic examining the challenges facing the WTO.

He also intends to participate in a seminar organised in Beijing to launch the Chinese edition of his book in international investment law which has been translated into Chinese by a Chinese law professor and published in China.