Professor Peter Whelan presents research in Israel

On 23 April 2018, Professor Whelan delivered a guest lecture at Tel Aviv University.

Professor Whelan examined the enforcement of competition law. The lecture used cartel criminalisation as a case study and examined the issue of efficiency in competition law enforcement and the extent to which such law enforcement should be restrained in practice by the requirement to demonstrate the existence of ‘moral wrongfulness’ on behalf of the individuals who violate competition law.

The lecture drew upon Professor Whelan’s forthcoming publication, ‘Competition Law and Criminal Justice', which will appear in due course in an edited collection published by Oxford University Press.

The lecture was organised by Dr Shai Wozne, the Director of the Taubenschlag Institute of Criminal Law. The lively questions and answers session following Professor Whelan’s talk was chaired by Professor Avihay Dorfman, a Visiting Professor at Harvard University and a Professor of Law at Tel Aviv University.