SocCrimSoc: a year of successful events and community building

SocCrimSoc is for all students working towards a Sociology, Criminology or Criminal Justice related degree, offering regular opportunities to develop lifelong connections during their time at Leeds.

Isabella Hall, president of SocCrimSoc, told the School of Law about the successful events they organised this past term, some of their highlights, and what students can look forward to next academic year. 

Inclusive events  

This year we've hosted a range of events for our society members, to cater to a range of interests. Our most successful events have been our craft nights where we have made bracelets, painted glasses, plant pots and much more!  

These were amazing events and it was great to see the creativity of our members. Additionally, we hosted a successful collaboration event with the Feminist Society, making bracelets to celebrate International Women's Day, which was a great community event and celebration of the fantastic women in our society!  

This year we also developed our SocCrimSoc netball team which has been a huge success. Our training took place each week with regular games and resulted in us winning the league. To celebrate, our netball team went for a celebratory meal. It has been wonderful to watch the team come together and form new friendships.  

Spring term highlights 

Our Christmas party and Summer Celebration have been my highlights for the year. Bringing all our members together to celebrate their academic and personal successes throughout the year has been wonderful. This meant that students from all year groups were able to get together and share their experiences and advice, which was beneficial for all our members.  

Alongside this, being shortlisted for 'Best New or Reformed Society' at the LUU Riley Awards has also been a huge highlight. Being acknowledged for our hard work and transformation of our society has been hugely rewarding.  

Being president of SocCrimSoc has been a highly rewarding experience, working alongside the committee who have become some of my closest friends has been incredible. It has showed me the importance of communication and collaboration within the team to ensure we host the best social events for our members.

Isabella Hall, president of SocCrimSoc

Moreover, being creative and inclusive with events to create a safe space for everyone has been a highlight. Although at times it hasn't always been easy, balancing society commitments alongside my academic work, it is hugely rewarding to watch people come together and form strong friendships, thriving at our events. Therefore, my main takeaways have been to manage my time well, be clear in my communication and enjoy the process, making the most of each and every opportunity! 

Why should students join SocCrimSoc and attend SocCrimSoc events?  

Our society brings together students studying a sociology/criminology related degree or anyone who is interested in it, to meet like-minded students. We've worked hard to ensure our society hosts a range of events and activities, allowing students to take a break from their academic work to be creative and socialise with others.  

Our events are affordable and open to anyone, with some events such as guest speaker talks having a more academic focus, netball games and socials for sports lovers and craft nights for creative people, there is something for everyone.  

Ultimately, our society is there to support everyone throughout their academic work. We act as a support network and are here to make sure everyone has a good time.  

Looking ahead 

We have recently held our election for our new committee and are delighted to be handing it over to another incredible team who have lots of great ideas in store. Similarly to this year, a range of creative, social, academic and netball events will be taking place, alongside a Ball and Christmas meal.  

The new committee will be hosting ‘give it a go’ events and will be at the fresher's stall during fresher’s week, so for any sociology, criminology or related degrees students, feel free to have a chat with the new committee who will be more than happy to welcome you to the society! 

It has been a pleasure being the president of SocCrimSoc and working with such a great committee! We hand over to our new president Rosa Nelson (, Secretary Emily Andrews (, Treasurer Zarah Khalique (, Social Secretary Lucy Sansom-Jamil ( and Netball Secretary Josie Everitt (  

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