Alumni Spotlight: Neoma Vasdev Gupta's journey from Leeds to leadership

Alumna of the School of Law at the University of Leeds makes waves in legal, political, and social spheres in India.

Neoma Vasdev Gupta, an alumna of the School of Law at the University of Leeds, has forged an inspiring and multifaceted career that encompasses law, politics, and humanitarian work. From her early immersion in the legal field to her current prominence in India's legal landscape, Neoma's journey exemplifies a steadfast commitment to justice and advocacy.

Growing up exposed to the legal world as the daughter of senior lawyer Kailash Vasdev, Neoma developed a passion for the legal profession from a young age. After completing her education at the Convent of Jesus and Mary School and Hindu College, Delhi University, she pursued an LLB degree at the University of Leeds School of Law.

In an interview for Hello! India magazine, Neoma says about her experience at the School:

Their curriculum was excellent. They incorporated aspects of psychology into law, and we studied criminology, which triggered my interest in criminal law. My fascination started from there.

After successfully graduating in 2004, Neoma returned to Delhi where she joined the office of the late attorney and politician, Arun Jaitley. There, she navigated high-profile legal cases and political campaigns, gaining invaluable experience across diverse domains of law.

A transformative moment in Neoma’s career occurred during her initial visit to Tihar Jail, where she witnessed the plight of unrepresented individuals entangled in the legal system. Determined to make a difference, she began providing legal aid and advocating for the rehabilitation of convicts, which continues to this day.

Nowadays, Neoma leads her own firm, undertaking a variety of high-profile criminal and corporate cases in India’s legal system. Together with her firm, she is making a positive impact in the country.

Beyond her legal practice, Neoma's influence extends into the political arena, where she serves as a spokesperson for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Delhi. Additionally, she founded the ‘Old is Bold’, an organization dedicated to empower the skilled elderly in Delhi by giving them a platform to showcase their work and connecting them directly to buyers. What began as a small initiative has blossomed into a thriving community, with 32 elderly individuals having a home and a platform to find work.

Reflecting on her personal life, Neoma proudly acknowledges her role as a wife and mother to two daughters, while also highlighting the value that the School had beyond her professional life, saying,

The law program at the University of Leeds provided me with invaluable experiences beyond mere education; participating in moots instilled confidence in me, engaging professors imparted knowledge, and the vibrant student life filled me with adrenaline!

Neoma's remarkable achievements, ongoing contributions, and career progression undoubtedly serve as an inspiration to present and future generations of legal professionals.