School of Law Community Engagement project helps over 100 vulnerable local people

Community Engagement activities in the School of Law offer students the opportunity to put into practice knowledge and skills developed throughout their studies, whilst also supporting the community.

Chapeltown and Harehills Tribunal Clinic is a project designed and implemented collaboratively by Chapeltown Citizens Advice and the University of Leeds. The project was designed and agreed upon with the purpose of providing School of Law students with practical experience in Welfare Law, and to support the most vulnerable clients requiring help with incapacity benefits appeals. Commencing with a simple idea, it was demonstrated that this project has impacted positively both on the participating student volunteers and clients supported. 

From April 2022 to April 2023, Chapeltown and Harehills Tribunal Clinic reached a total income gain of £313,228 with an average amount per client of £8,949. 

The appeals heard at the Social Security Tribunal and the appeals lapsed presented the highest income gain. 

Out of the 139 clients accommodated since April 2022, 102 cases were for Personal Independence Payment and 20 cases were for Employment and Support Allowance. The remaining cases were for other benefits and tax credits. 

Congratulations to our fantastic student volunteers that participated in the project between April 2022 – April 2023. This money will have a huge impact on our shared community, and you should all be proud of your roles in these meaningful contributions. Well done to all of you!  

Community Engagement Team