Dr Virág Blazsek's book, Banking Bailout Law continues to receive attention across various jurisdictions

Dr Blazsek’s book has been discussed at over a dozen events by scholars, practitioners, regulators, and policymakers across a variety of jurisdictions attracting significant attention and debate.

Dr Virág Blazsek's recent book, Banking Bailout Law (Routledge US & UK, October 2020) examines the different bank bailout and resolution techniques and tools through carefully selected case studies from the US, the EU, the UK, Spain and Hungary. The pros and cons of the different legal and regulatory options are identified in order to reconstruct a regulatory framework that might better serve countries in future financial crises.  

Dr Blazsek main argument is that instead of focusing on the prohibition of future bank bailouts, we should rather focus on the efficient, democratic and transparent process of bailing out banks. Bank bailouts do not primarily aim at rescuing individual banks or specific groups of investors. They rather aim at stopping financial panic and restoring the operability of the financial system. If bank bailouts are done well, they can serve the public interest. 

Dr Blazsek has been invited to discuss her book by various institutions including the University of Deusto in Spain, the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London, Cornell University in the US and the University of Essex School of Law. 

Click here to watch Dr Blazsek present her book at Cornell University's Berger International Speaker Series on Cornell University’s website.