Professor Peter Whelan interviewed for a South American legal magazine

Professor Peter Whelan, Professor of Law, was interviewed about antitrust and big tech for the legal publication Revista Industria Legal.

Professor Whelan’s four-page interview (in English) involved his answering questions posed by lawyers Santiago Ried Undurraga (from Chile), Andrés Felipe Yáñez Torres (from Colombia) and David Kuroiwa (from Peru).

In the interview Professor Whelan discusses what lessons can be learnt from the US antitrust authority suing Facebook and whether algorithms can make a market allocation of different products and what the implications of this could be, amongst other topics.

The magazine was published this month in Chile, Colombia and Peru as well as being posted online. The Revista Industria Legal magazine is “an innovative international platform” that works with legal firms, legal managers and lawyers to cover dynamic legal topics.

Access the full interview.