Professor Jose Miola appointed as joint Editor in Chief of the Medical Law Review

The Medical Law Review is published by the Oxford University Press and is generally considered to be the preeminent medical law journal in Europe.

The School of Law’s Chair in Law and Social Justice Professor Jose Miola, along with Lancaster University’s Professor Sara Fovargue, has been appointed as the joint Editor in Chief of the Medical Law Review.

“The Medical Law Review is established as an authoritative source of reference for academics, lawyers, legal and medical practitioners, law students, and anyone interested in healthcare and the law.

The journal presents articles of international interest which provide thorough analyses and comment on the wide range of topical issues that are fundamental to this expanding area of law. In addition, commentary sections provide in depth explorations of topical aspects of the field.”

Professor Miola began working on the Medical Law Review Editorial Board over 10 years ago and has been an Associate Editor (responsible for the commentaries section) for the past few years.

Professor Miola and Professor Fovargue have co-written (with the associate editors) an inaugural editorial, which focuses on their desire to continue to look at medical law in the wide context that it is now understood as encompassing. They also encourage further internationalisation of the journal, explaining how they are particularly keen to hear voices from the global south.

I am honoured to be taking on this role, particularly at a time when health and medical law issues are so central to the national and international discourse. It is a huge responsibility, and work that the editorial board as a whole will seek to discharge to the very best of our abilities.

Professor Miola is joined on the editorial board by School of Law colleagues Dr Beverley Clough (as an Associate Editor) and Dr Craig Purshouse, which means there is no other university with more members on the board than the University of Leeds – surely great news for anyone who would like to study Medical/Health Law at Leeds!