Qari Asim - The Independent Review into the Application of Sharia Law in England and Wales

Qari Asim, one of the UK's most prominent imams, will speak about the recent UK government report recommending a central religious authority which will interpret Islam in line with British values.


The independent review into the application of sharia law in England and Wales which was published in February 2018. The background to the review was a mounting focus on the growing British Muslim communities, with concerns being both positive and negative. Positive concerns are about providing more opportunities, protection, and respect. Negative concerns have related to some of the cultural practices within certain Muslim communities and the incidence of extremism as evidence of insufficient social and political integration. The aspect of those wider debates taken up by the independent review is the role and application of sharia (Islamic law) and especially how it exerts a bearing on family matters and personal relationships. The review focused on whether sharia law compatible with English law and whether it generates discriminatory practices against women through the use of sharia councils on matters of marriage and divorce.

An advisor to the independent review panel was Qari Muhammad Asim, MBE. A graduate of the School of Law at the University of Leeds, he is a senior Imam at Leeds’ Makkah mosque and a senior lawyer in DLA Piper. He is also an independent member of the Government’s Anti-Muslim Hatred working group. Qari is senior editor of ImamsOnline, chair of Mosques & Imams National Advisory Board, trustee of  Christian Muslim Forum and executive member of Imams & Rabbis Council. Qari Asim will be talking about the review, the responses to it, and the wider context.

About the Speaker

Qari Asim MBE is a real estate solicitor by profession, working at DLA Piper UK LLP, one of the largest legal firms in the world.  He deals with legal issues relating to commercial property and the construction of skyscrapers in Leeds, which are visible signs of the city’s booming economy. In the evening he deals with invisible improvements, assisting in spiritually uplifting the Muslim community. Qari Asim is also currently a senior Imam (prayer leader) at Leeds Makkah Mosque, which is UK’s Model Mosque. The mosque won the nationwide award due to its outreach work, and for planning initiatives that actively engage with youth, women and different community organisations.

Qari Asim is an Executive member of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board and provides guidance to mosques and Imams in the North of England. He has also advised local statutory bodies and law enforcement agencies in respect of Islamic and cultural issues. Qari is also Chair of Deen Foundation, an organisation dedicated to promoting education. He has translated a number of articles from Urdu to English and has authored a book Our Children: Our Future. Qari’s current focus is on youth engagement; he is co-founder of Young Minds, a voluntary community organisation committed to providing recreational and educational activities to the youth.

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